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Message  Valium.. le Mar 19 Aoû - 14:24

Welcome to Filthy-Minds We are very pleased to have you here and In order to keep a consistent atmosphere that our members - including you- want to keep coming back to, we have a few ground rules:

- To take part in the life of the forum and to try to make constructive posts and which launch a good discussion between the various members of the forum,express your filthiest ideas,but not in filthy words

- To respect everyone, do not exceed the limits of the courtesy, insults, segregation, xenophobia,etc... are not welcome here

- The Right post at the right rubric!!

- It is formally interdict to discuss of political subjects in this forum neither nationals nor international.

- If you have a request, a problem, a misunderstanding with any member of this forum, please announce it as soon as possible to one of the members of the team of management by a private message and if necessary by a post in the section “Filthy Justice”. Avoid acting by yourself ,it can be turned over against you and it will not solve the problem.

-it publicity for other sites or forums is strictly prohibited .

- The member who will use to copy/past in his subjects must justify the use of this copying , the source must be always mentioned, any fraud will be sanctioned by deleting the post without notice

- This charter can be modified at any time by the administrators of the forum.

Any infringement with this charter will automatically involve a sanction to the faulty member,a final banishment of the forum is an option

Filthy, the charter of the forum is strict but will be very easy to apply and it is based on
the respect and of others and oneself. mental filth does not mean imbrutement...

comin'conmin'comin...Constitution !! Hallo30

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